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Tuesday, January 20, 2009


Lucky me! I had the privilege to photograph this fabulous, colorful, great design of FFF, inc. of the addition to the Rumford Hospital.  

 Everyone found something to contribute to the new addition, which was "sans" furniture except for 2 hospital beds when I arrived.  John Welch, nurses, staff, doctors, pharmacists, PT, and especially Jane Bubar at the hospital, worked with Steve Mosman, Jesse Beck and Tonya West at FFF to follow my instructions for images. 

 The icu really shown with its new monitors, red cart, and patient's room, so the nurses brought everyone down to see it. They just loved it. Especially the stuffed animal that would sing and sing and sing and dance on the patient's bed to everyone's amusement (thank you Jane).  As the camera angle was hidden in a nearby closet, I got to listen to this song for 4 hours and I still can't remember what is sang.  Well, I am over 64! Does that count?  

Enjoy the photos.  
FFFinc, architect
Rumford Hospital: client
Ledgewood: contractor
Carolyn L. Bates Photography: photos